Puzzlers have always been winners on the App Store, and that’s mainly due to people loving to feel good about themselves. That’s why whenever a clever new puzzle game comes out, people are all over it like it’s the new bread. But once in a while, one game stands out above others. And in this case, that’s Tiki Gods: Ancient Times – Kumulipo.
With a 3D platform and just epic graphics, Kalani Games’ creation, Tiki Gods: Ancient Times lets you choose one of 3 characters, whose sole duty is destroying blocks. The three characters are in fact Gods: Kane the god of life, thunder and wind, Ku, the god of war and fire, and Lono, the god of growth and nature.

The god you choose runs around mazes, setting up blocks that belong to his element in chains. You then use your sun power, and blow up said chains of blocks. As they go boom, the blocks leave behind various gems that you collect in order to increase your score or power up your special ability.
There’s a timer, which means that you need to reach a certain score in a certain amount of time in order to progress to the next maze. This makes the game extremely strategic, and figuring out the fastest most efficient way to line up more than three blocks is extremely important.

The problem I personally had with the game was having a bit of difficulty with the sun button, as it either didn’t seem to react quite as fast as I would’ve liked it to, or on a couple of occasions, I simply clicked it by accident while trying to navigate my god around the maze. The movement of the tiki god itself takes quite a bit getting used to, but if you’re not completely unfamiliar with 3D games, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

The graphics are great, with detailed models of the gods which are just plain awesome, as well as well designed in-game elements. The mazes are beautiful, and when combined with the Hawaii beach style soundtrack, really go together great.

While somewhat on the expensive side, I really think Tiki Gods is worth it, especially if you’re into Puzzle games, 3D games, or all of the above.