Firemint’s newest game, Spy Mouse has been released to the App Store, and boy, was all that hype totally worth it.
We already knew that Spy Mouse (previously known as Agent Squeak) was going to be some sort of path drawing game, similar to Firemint’s most famous game, Flight Control. However, we didn’t know too many details.

Fortunately, having finally gotten a chance to play the game, I can say that all the hype was completely worth it. Similar to other path drawing games where you have to avoid the enemy (such as Creatures & Castles), Spy Mouse finds us playing a hero that needs to get from point A to point B, while collecting cheese (as opposed to, say, treasure).
As expected, you draw the path by selecting the mouse and just sliding your finger across the screen. You can tap the mouse again to stop him mid-walk, or even change your current path by altering its end point. The trick here is that you’ve got to collect your cheese while avoiding cats that patrol on a set path.

Sounds boring and repetitive? It’s not. The game is chock full of content you keep discovering. As you advance through the game, you will find that there are new types of cats mixed with other types of cats, and you need to change your strategy accordingly. This difficulty progress is gradual though, and not forced on the player. It’s also accompanied by power ups that are in the form of chili peppers that will make you move very fast, robotic toy mice that you can send into traps to collect the cheese for you, balloons that help you carry the larger pieces of cheese, buckets you can hide under, etc.

There’s a lot of strategy behind the levels, and a deep sense of satisfaction when completing each level. Furthermore, the game has a lot of replayability in the sense that once you’ve completed it, you can redo the levels with certain challenges, such as finishing the level in one single path, or in a certain time frame, or without being spotted by enemies.