Bean’s Quest

There has been a veritable tidal wave of platformer games hitting the App Store recently, and it got us wondering what exactly is it about platform games that makes people go crazy with joy? Is it nostalgia for better times now lost? Or is it just that they’re damn awesome?
Well, we may never know the answer, but what we can do is enjoy this platformer invasion to its full extent. Bean’s Quest by Kumobius is one such platform game that has just recently been released on the App Store, and so we gave it a try. Continue reading “Bean’s Quest”

Bank Job

Bank Job by Screwtape Studios is a fun, very stylish platformer that has recently hit the Appstore. Although I’m not a huge fan of platformer games, as it’s a genre that’s been done to death, I haven’t regretted taking a look at Bank Job, as it’s proven to be a breath of fresh air.
As most platformers, the goal is to get as far as possible in this uniquely animated game. Your character is a swanky cat burglar straight out of early century comics called Paulie Barbosa, that has a thing for swiping jewels (and just about anything that isn’t nailed to the ground) and sneaking about. Continue reading “Bank Job”