Frankie Pain

The world of side scrolling shooting games is filled to the brim with all kinds of variations on the subject. The most popular type is definitely the 2D side scroller. While fun, this type of game can get quite repetitive, usually with a simple attack animation, same enemies rehashed over and over again, and no real difficulty.
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Strapped to a Meteor is not just a cool name for a metal band, it’s in fact the name of DEO’s developer. Having just recently been released on the App Store, DEO is a very simple rotating platformer, similar to many other previous App Store games. In fact, the only real originality of the game comes in the form of the dark atmosphere presented in a tim burton-esque fashion. Continue reading “DEO”


Why would anyone purchase a game that has no actual high score leaderboards or hard to get achivements, no multiplayer options since it’s strictly single player, and no customization options? Essentially just one “campaign” that when finished, is strictly done? Because it’s a damn awesome journey.
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