You may see the name of this game and think that it is connected in some way to Flick Football, and you would be completely wrong. Flick Soccer! was developed by Full Fat Games, creators of Flick Golf! and Flick Golf Extreme!

However, Flick Soccer! is so much more complex than similar games that it’s in a league of its own (no pun intended). You have 5 game modes, each one very well designed and thought of. The game itself has a load of polish, with more control of the ball than any other similar games offer.
Quick Shot is a timed mode that requires you hit a moving target inside the goal, past the defenders and goalie that are in your way. More goalies show up as time begins running out, and the goalie gets better and better. If you hit the target’s bullseye, you receive additional time, which means you’ll now have to start making more complex shots.
Smash It! Requires you break panels inside the goal, with better shots breaking 2 panels at a time and providing you with additional points. The Crossbar mode requires you to hit the top of the goal as many times in a row as possible.

The Challenge mode puts you in some extremely difficult situations, having to make nearly impossible shots, which can however be made assuming you have quick enough reflexes. Endurance gives you 3 lives that run out whenever you miss a shot. On the upside however, you can earn back a life by making a particularly good shot.
The sounds and very polished graphics make it seem like you are on an actual stadium, and the ability to curve your shot mid-air adds to the epic feeling that the game delivers so well.
We recommend to try this game!