Why would anyone purchase a game that has no actual high score leaderboards or hard to get achivements, no multiplayer options since it’s strictly single player, and no customization options? Essentially just one “campaign” that when finished, is strictly done? Because it’s a damn awesome journey.

That is the case with Flapcraft by Pixelmator. If you automatically thought of Starcraft, Warcraft or any other xcraft game, your assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Flapcraft is essential Potty Racers wearing a different skin.

You play the role of a Viking that partakes of what is apparently the usual Viking pastime. That is to say, sliding a log onto a ramp and then riding it through the air as far as possible. Which sort of explains why there aren’t that many Vikings left. As the fearless Viking, you manage the positioning of the log by tilting your device left or right.
You will have to perform certain tasks, which range from simple to “smashyourphoneagainstthewall” hard. These challenges have actual difficulty levels, and can require you to get to a certain distance where you discover a monster, reach a certain top speed, stay at a certain height for a certain amount of time, etc.

Helping you out are upgrades that you can purchase, ranging from chicken wings to rockets, better logs, etc, which you can purchase with money earned from previous jumps (similar if not identical to Potty Racers).
The art and sounds are perfect, with a cartoonish style that is somehow incredibly detailed and beautiful. The background music fits just right and adds to the atmosphere. While the challenges can sometimes be extremely frustrating, overcoming them brings about a huge sense of satisfaction. Over all, if you were a fan of Potty Racers styled games, this one is a definite must buy.