Bank Job by Screwtape Studios is a fun, very stylish platformer that has recently hit the Appstore. Although I’m not a huge fan of platformer games, as it’s a genre that’s been done to death, I haven’t regretted taking a look at Bank Job, as it’s proven to be a breath of fresh air.
As most platformers, the goal is to get as far as possible in this uniquely animated game. Your character is a swanky cat burglar straight out of early century comics called Paulie Barbosa, that has a thing for swiping jewels (and just about anything that isn’t nailed to the ground) and sneaking about.

His efforts are constantly increased, as his dodging skills are put to the test in a gauntlet of traps, one more dangerous than the other. The traps themselves aren’t quite as original as they could be, many being the same old rehashed obstacles you’ve seen in a hundred other games, such as the ascending/descending lasers, or rolling explosives that you need to dodge or maneuver around.
There isn’t really much to say about the controls, they’re about as simple as possible, with a touch and hold scheme that keeps Paulie up against the wall so as to dodge incoming projectiles, or wait out obstacles that he can then avoid. A simple tap will send him to the floor below or above, assuming there’s a way to do that (holes in floors or ladders).
As mentioned before, the obstacles may not be tricky at all, but Screwtape Studios sure does love screwing with you, because the deadlier the trap, the more incentive you get to risk it all. As you’re pressing against the wall just waiting for those lasers to go back up, you start noticing a stream of diamonds and other jewels that roll by. Unfortunately, you can’t pick them up while you’re up against the wall, but as soon as you let go and collect them, Paulie’s back to running forward (and into the traps).
It’s a very “is it worth it?” sort of decision, but once you play the game a few times you start making these decisions more quickly, having already either been maimed horribly, or not at all by the same traps on a previous run.

Adding to the game’s quirky, fun setting is the “hats system”. Before each run, you’re able to select a hat from a collection, based on your current earnings (obviously from previously collected treasures). Each hat has a different effect, such as extra earnings, or more resilience against the deadly obstacles.
Bank Job features Game Center integration, so you can check if your score is good enough for the tops, or if you’ve earned all of the achievements.
The best feature of the game however, is clearly the sound track. Combined with the general early century mood, the music is a perfect fit, creating a nearly tangible atmosphere, that I for one absolutely loved.
There’s an in-app purchase system, wherein you can use real money to buy more earnings, however that’s really not that necessary and is more of a convenience thing. I’ve noticed many new games tend to include IAP, and there’s really nothing game breaking about the ones in Bank Job.

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