Tiki Gods: Ancient Times – Kumulipo

Puzzlers have always been winners on the App Store, and that’s mainly due to people loving to feel good about themselves. That’s why whenever a clever new puzzle game comes out, people are all over it like it’s the new bread. But once in a while, one game stands out above others. And in this case, that’s Tiki Gods: Ancient Times – Kumulipo.
With a 3D platform and just epic graphics, Kalani Games’ creation, Tiki Gods: Ancient Times lets you choose one of 3 characters, whose sole duty is destroying blocks. The three characters are in fact Gods: Kane the god of life, thunder and wind, Ku, the god of war and fire, and Lono, the god of growth and nature.
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Frankie Pain

The world of side scrolling shooting games is filled to the brim with all kinds of variations on the subject. The most popular type is definitely the 2D side scroller. While fun, this type of game can get quite repetitive, usually with a simple attack animation, same enemies rehashed over and over again, and no real difficulty.
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Strapped to a Meteor is not just a cool name for a metal band, it’s in fact the name of DEO’s developer. Having just recently been released on the App Store, DEO is a very simple rotating platformer, similar to many other previous App Store games. In fact, the only real originality of the game comes in the form of the dark atmosphere presented in a tim burton-esque fashion. Continue reading “DEO”


Why would anyone purchase a game that has no actual high score leaderboards or hard to get achivements, no multiplayer options since it’s strictly single player, and no customization options? Essentially just one “campaign” that when finished, is strictly done? Because it’s a damn awesome journey.
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Bean’s Quest

There has been a veritable tidal wave of platformer games hitting the App Store recently, and it got us wondering what exactly is it about platform games that makes people go crazy with joy? Is it nostalgia for better times now lost? Or is it just that they’re damn awesome?
Well, we may never know the answer, but what we can do is enjoy this platformer invasion to its full extent. Bean’s Quest by Kumobius is one such platform game that has just recently been released on the App Store, and so we gave it a try. Continue reading “Bean’s Quest”

Kickin Momma

When deciding whether to buy a game or not, some people look at the icon first and foremost. Developers are aware of this and will usually strive to make it as attractive as possible. What drew me to this game however, was the title. Kickin Momma by Hothead Games is a physics puzzle game with a badass name, but slightly less than badass play value.
Based around the exact same concept as Peggle, Kickin Momma features a large blue alien of undisclosed gender (though we’re gonna go with female due to the title). This large matriarch desires gem, and apparently these can be found either in a store, or just floating around in a big ol’ canyon about 50 feet from the aforementioned store. Sounds reasonable. Continue reading “Kickin Momma”


Nyxquest by Chillingo is by no means a new game. It may have just been released on the App Store, but the game has been around for a while on the Wii, as well as on the PC/Mac. Praised as a beautiful and innovative game on these platforms, there were some doubts as to whether the transition to the App Store would be a smooth one or not. Continue reading “NyxQuest”

Saviors of Vardonia game

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia is the newest and in many respects the best KRPG (Korean Role Playing Game) that we’ve seen on the App Store.
Minoraxis, the developer has done a tremendous job at creating a beautiful, vibrant world. This game is so complete that I’m not even sure where to start.
You’ve got the option of playing one of four classes: Berserker, Paladin, Mage and Priestess. Like other KRPGs, grinding is an important aspect of the game, as you will find yourself killing mobs that respawn in order to get the coins and achievements you’re looking for. Continue reading “Saviors of Vardonia game”

Sour Fling by Other Ocean

Sour Fling by Other Ocean is one of the App Store’s newest physics based platformers. Similar in style and play to Chillingo’s Blobster, Sour Fling finds you taking control of bouncy, physics-bound gummy characters that journey through a factory, collecting their shorter fellow gummy characters along the way and leading them to the exit.
The soury sweet delights are controlled in the exact way you would expect, similar to Blobster and any other bouncy platformer game. Tugging on the character prepares the bounce, and moving around determines the trajectory. As expected, an arrow shows up that indicates not just trajectory, but the force of the jump as well in the usual “longer and more red means stronger jump” fashion. Continue reading “Sour Fling by Other Ocean”

Bank Job

Bank Job by Screwtape Studios is a fun, very stylish platformer that has recently hit the Appstore. Although I’m not a huge fan of platformer games, as it’s a genre that’s been done to death, I haven’t regretted taking a look at Bank Job, as it’s proven to be a breath of fresh air.
As most platformers, the goal is to get as far as possible in this uniquely animated game. Your character is a swanky cat burglar straight out of early century comics called Paulie Barbosa, that has a thing for swiping jewels (and just about anything that isn’t nailed to the ground) and sneaking about. Continue reading “Bank Job”

Spy Mouse

Firemint’s newest game, Spy Mouse has been released to the App Store, and boy, was all that hype totally worth it.
We already knew that Spy Mouse (previously known as Agent Squeak) was going to be some sort of path drawing game, similar to Firemint’s most famous game, Flight Control. However, we didn’t know too many details. Continue reading “Spy Mouse”